The Adventures of Midnight Voyageur

Trip Notes

Midnight Voyageur Gear List


I am very excited that you have decided to join us aboard Midnight Voyageur. Please note that you have signed up for a real expedition as a working crew member versus a paid charter. “Working crew member” means we are all in this together: cooking, cleaning, watch, etc. Also, we will share all expenses evenly: fuel, food, and marina fees.

There will not be much privacy or creature comforts, however with a little luck, you will leave with memories for a lifetime! What not to bring: Firearms, illegal substances, anything large, anything really expensive including your good jewelry, etc.

What to bring

Pack your belongings in one duffel bag only. Remember space is very limited; hard-sided roller-bags are very hard to stow.

A couple of plastic trash bags for dirty or wet clothing.
Items made of synthetic fabrics are better than natural. They do not absorb water and will dry faster.


  • Sleeping Bag or Sheets and Blanket (pillow optional)
  • Towel & Washcloth
  • Foul Weather Gear
  • Deck Shoes
  • Sun Hat, Cap or Visor
  • Warm Clothing – synthetic jacket or pullover and pants
  • Polo or T-Shirts
  • Swimsuit
  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Belt
  • Handkerchiefs

Documents and other stuff

  • Passport if applicable
  • Airline Tickets if applicable
  • Driver’s License
  • Credit Cards
  • Some Cash
  • Reading Material

Personal Articles

  • Sun screen -use it! Nothing will ruin your trip faster than sunburn. Alcohol-based brands rather than cream-based are better; they dry faster and do not leave a sticky feeling on you or the boat. SPF 30 or Higher.
  • If you wear glasses bring a strap
  • Sunglasses and strap
  • Motion medication if you need it – the patches and wristbands seem to work for most folks.